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Did you know?

Here at Saint Rocco have a range of over 70 designed hard-wearing yet stylish dog ID tags. Deep engraving is included in the price of all of the tags so you can have a fabulous new engraved dog tag delivered straight to your door for just £12.50

All dogs (with some working dog exemptions) are required to wear a dog identity tag or other form of clear identification by law, whether your dog is also micro-chipped or not.

‘The Control of Dogs Order 1992’ mandates that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the owner’s name, address and postcode engraved or written on it, or engraved on a dog identity tag. Your telephone number is optional but advisable. Some dog owners also add the dog’s name to the dog tag while others feel this is best not done in case your dog is stolen, but the choice on that is entirely up to you.

You can be fined up to £5,000 if your dog does not wear a dog identification tag or does not have the required information on it.

It’s also advisable, if your dog is micro-chipped, to state this on the dog tag so that any authorities know to scan your dog.

Just because it is the law for your dog to wear identification, that doesn’t mean your dog’s tag can’t be fun and stylish, as long as it contains all the required legal information. And you will feel safer knowing your dog can be identified if they go missing.



*Saint Rocco accepts no liability for the content of this article or any subsequent changes in the law.

New Red Dingo Products at Saint Rocco!

We’re excited that our range of products just got more exciting!

Today we recieved a range of new design collars and matching leads by Red Dingo.

Red Dingo products are made using high quality materials and are designed for durability and long lasting good looks.

In all sizes from Chihuahua up to British Bulldog there is a Red Dingo product to fit your dog. For the particularly fashion conscious discerning dogs you can go the whole hog and get a matching dog tag for your lead and collar…..