Dog Grooming Perfection with Saint Rocco Dog Grooming and Spa

About Saint Rocco

We are an independently owned dog grooming spa and boutique with a passion for dogs based in the beautiful beachside town of Blundellsands & Crosby.

Our expertly trained team will meet your individual needs and requirements. So whether you are looking for for a full groom and pamper treatment, an express tidy up or simply to pop in for a stylish new collar our City & Guilds trained team are here to help.

Saint Rocco provide a solution for dog grooming that is both convenient and accessible via online booking and walk in options with both earlier and later opening times.

Our store is conveniently located with parking close by.

Along with Grooming and Spa treatments we also offer an array of high quality independently sourced dog accessories and treats.

Our Animology shampoo products are multi award winning and have been developed and produced locally in Lancashire. They have a low foam formula, making it quick and easy to rinse the shampoo out of the coat, reducing the chances of any irritation.

For those dogs with more serious sensitive skin issues, we use a special fragrance free shampoo specifically designed for dogs with sensitive skin.

Saint Rocco welcomes walk-in dogs however, we would always recommend booking your appointment in advance to avoid disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

This really depends on the breed of dog and how much time you put into grooming at home. As a general rule most breeds should be at least washed and have their nails clipped at least every 12 weeks to keep the skin and coat healthy. Many breeds with longer coats should be seen more regularly to prevent matting and keep the coat in tip top condition. 4-6 weekly visits are recommended for longer coated breeds.

Many people think that dogs only need grooming when the weather is warm, however in the winter it is just as important to care for your dogs coat and skin. Wet and muddy fur can become matted far more easily and matted coats don’t dry out properly causing dogs to get cold. Once a dog is matted the only option is to shave all the coat off which then in turn will cause your dog to feel cold.

If your pet spends a lot of time indoors it’s also advisable to keep its coat reasonably short to prevent overheating from home central heating.

If you are worried about your dog getting cold when out on walks it is far kinder and more effective to get them a coat that can be removed once they are back in the warm. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be wearing your winter coat in the house and not being able to take it off!

Most dogs on average take 1.5 to 2 hours for a full spa session, however if your dog is particularly large or hairy it may take a little longer. Dogs that have not been groomed for a long time or who are quite fidgety when being groomed may also take a little longer to ensure a good quality result.

Most people prefer to leave their pets with us and we will advise on a collection time, however if you prefer you can to stay if you think the pet would feel more comfortable. Most dogs tend to behave better if their owners are not present however this is not always the case for every dog and sometimes dogs have special requirements or health complaints that require their owners to be present during the grooming process.

Once you arrive and your dog has been checked in we will advise on a collection time. If this changes at all during the grooming session, we would call you to advise you of the earlier or later collection.

If you work or have commitments that make it difficult to drop off and collect during the day we do offer a ‘Day Stay’ service for well behaved, socialised dogs which allows drop off in the morning and collection in the evening. This will need to be arranged in advance in order to ensure we are not fully booked for ‘Day Stay’

We always recommend that dogs are given a little walk before they arrive so that they have the opportunity to go toilet and use up any excess energy and excitement, however we do not recommend long walks for most dogs as this can cause your dog to be too tired to stand during his groom. Once your dog leaves the salon it is best to keep them at home until the following day, the grooming process opens up the dogs pores and can temporarily leave your dog slightly more susceptible skin infections, so we recommend that dogs are only exercised in their own gardens until the following morning. Most dogs are tired after their salon treatments and appreciate a quiet and relaxed evening.

Just tell us, we really won’t be offended! We will keep detailed records of how each dog is styled for just this reason, but we can only change things if you let us know, and we always appreciate your feedback. And of course if we are able to make any immediate changes to the style we will do our best to accommodate this before leaving.

Sometimes due to the condition of a dogs coat we have no choice but to perform a clip off/shortie style, however once we have done this we will be more than happy to show you how to groom your dog to prevent this happening again and hopefully will soon have your pet looking exactly the way you want.

We will also encourage booking your next appointment in advance to ensure that your dogs coats remains in the very best condition and of course smelling beautiful!

Grooming can be quite tiring as it requires the dog to stand up and concentrate for long periods of time, this means that some dogs are very sleepy after their groom, while others can be hyper or cranky like children get if they are over tired. It is perfectly normal, your pet should be back to their usual selves by the following day.

Actually the opposite is normally the case. The more often a dog visits the more they get used to it and eventually will accept the process better. Also if a dog is left too long then there will be more coat and more tangles which in turn will take longer and be more uncomfortable for the dog to tolerate. We recommend dogs that dislike grooming visit more often for express treatments as well as regular grooms to keep things as short and sweet as possible.

We recommend bitches in season are not groomed until they have finished their season. This is normally 17 days after you first notice that she is in heat. Bitches can be more sensitive at this time and we cannot always guarantee that there will be no excited boy dogs around!

We recommend that dogs are fully recovered before they are groomed. Normally a little longer for bitches, but on average at least 3 weeks after the operation should be allowed. Always consult your vet for further advice.

Yes, we always take your pets health and condition into account, and we have special mild shampoos that are designed to help dogs with skin conditions. When booking your appointment or on check in of your dog please make any team member aware.