Dog Grooming Perfection with Saint Rocco Dog Grooming and Spa


Dog Boutique

Our boutique contains specially selected treats & accessories for dogs including leads, collars and harnesses. We also have a selection of exclusively stocked luxury neckerchiefs that are hand made locally in Cheshire. We also offer a collar tag engraving service with tags that match collars and leads too!

Full Groom

Our full groom is tailored to your dog’s specific needs. It includes a specially selected Animology shampoo wash with built in conditioners and pro vitamin B5 helping to improve health, strength and condition of your dogs coat.(produced locally in Lancashire) Followed by a hand-dry, full body styling, nail trim and ear clean. All finished off with a pleasing fragrance leaving your dog smelling divine.

Wash & Hand-Dry

Our wash and dry includes using a specially selected Animology shampoo with built in conditioners and pro vitamin B5 helping to improve health, strength and condition of your dogs coat.(produced locally in Lancashire) Followed by a hand-dry with a good brush. Finished off with a choice of pleasing fragrance. We will leave your dog smelling wonderful with a shiny coat and less hair loss.

Nails & Pads

Our express nail and pad treatment includes a foot fur trim and nail clip followed by a treatment of Oatmeal Paw Butter which is great for cracked or damaged pads. Our butter protects from chemical and salt coming into contact with paws and helps during cold winters and hot summers where the dogs paws may experience extreme temperatures.

Spa Treatments

We offer a range of spa treatments at Saint Rocco.

Our deep sea mineral mud baths are infused with mineral complex of dead sea mud combined with olive oil, oats, honey and goat milk.  Our mud baths are excellent for repelling fleas and ticks, soothing skin irritation and support mouting and can improve circulation.

Our relaxing and cleansing facial scrub is great and reducing and removing tear staining. A blend of blueberry and oatmeal, it has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating.

Have the perfect finish to any groom with our oatmeal paw butter. It soothes & relieves dry cracked paws, full of Shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamins E & F, jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil & aloe vera. It will help keep your dog’s paws super smooth.

Saint Rocco proudly uses only Animology shampoo products as part of our grooms.

Our services price list

Full Groom price list

Please browse price list which is broken down by breed name and provides price for both ‘full groom’ and ‘wash and hand-dry’.

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Affenpinscher £33/£20
  • Afghan Hound £48/£25
  • Airedale Terrier £48/£25
  • Akita £48/£25

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Basset Hound £33/£20
  • Basenji £33/£20
  • Beagle £33/£20
  • Bearded Collie £48/£25
  • Bedlington Terrier £33/£20
  • Bernese Mountain Dog £48/£25
  • Bichon Frise £33/£20
  • Border Collie £33/£20
  • Border Terrier (Clipped) £33/£20
  • Border Terrier (Handstripped) £48/£20
  • Boston Terrier £33/£20
  • Boxer £28/£15
  • Briard £48/£25
  • British Bulldog £33/£20
  • Bull Terrier £28/£15
  • Bullmastiff £40/£20

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Cairn Terrier (Clipped) £33/£20
  • Cavachon £33/£20
  • Cavapoo £33/£20
  • Cavalier King Charles £33/£20
  • Chihuahua £28/£15
  • Chow Chow £48/£25
  • Cockapoo £35/£20
  • Cocker Spaniel £35/£20

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Dachshund (Short hair) £28/£15
  • Dachshund (Long hair) £33/£20
  • Dalmatian £33/£20
  • Doberman £33/£20

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • English Setter £40/£20

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Fox Terrier £40/£20
  • French Bulldog £28/£15

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • German Shepherd (Long) £48/£25
  • German Shepherd (Short) £40/£20
  • Golden Doodle £42/£25
  • Gordon Setter £40/£20
  • Great Dane £33/£20
  • Grey Hound £33/£20

Full Groom / Wash & Hand Dry

  • Husky £48/£28

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Irish Setter £40/£20
  • Irish Terrier £40/£20
  • Irish Water Spaniel £48/£28

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Jack Russell £28/£15

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Kerry Blue Terrier £48 /£28

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Labrador £33/£20
  • Labradoodle £40/£20
  • Lakeland Terrier £38/£20
  • Leonberger £48/£28
  • Lhasa Apso £33/£20

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Maltese Terrier £33/£20
  • Malamute £48/£25

Full Groom / Wash & Hand Dry

  • Norfolk Terrier £33/£20
  • Neapolitan Mastiff £40/£20
  • Newfoundland £50/£30

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Papillion £33/£20
  • Patterdale Terrier £33/£20
  • Pointer £28/£20
  • Pomeranian £33/£20
  • Poodle (Toy) £33/£20
  • Poodle (Standard) £50/£28
  • Pug £28/£15
  • Puggle £28/£15

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Retriever (Flat Coated) £33/£20
  • Retriever £40/£25
  • Rottweiler £33/£20

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Saluki £28/£15
  • Samoyed £48/£28
  • Scottish Terrier (Scottie) £33/£20
  • Schnoodle £33/£20
  • Shar Pei £28/£15
  • Schnoodle £33/20
  • Shetland Sheepdog £40/£20
  • Shih Tzu £33/£20
  • Schnauzer Mini £33/£20
  • Schnauzer Giant £50/£25
  • Springer Spaniel £35/£20
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier £28/£15

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Weimeraner £33/£20
  • Welsh Corgi £33/£20
  • West Highland Terrier £33/£20
  • Whippet £28/£15

Full Groom / Wash & Hand-Dry

  • Yorkshire Terrier £33/£15

Enhance your groom

  • Flea Defence Shampoo +£3
  • Deep Sea Mudbath +£5
  • Blueberry Facial +£5
  • Oatmeal Paw Butter +£3
  • Excessive Knots/Matting +£10

Express, Puppy & Spa Treatments

  • 30 minute brush out session £10
  • Nails and Pad Pawdicure £10
  • Nail Trim £5
  • Ear Cleaning £5
  • Wash & Hand Dry (from) £15 – see breed list above
  • Puppy Intro Session £20 (includes free slicker brush on 1st visit)

Don’t worry if you can’t see your dog’s breed listed. We cater for all dogs, so contact us to discuss your specific breed and we’ll let you know the relevant prices and available appointment slots.

Pip is a flat coat retriever full of life with a tail that could swish for ever and a day, grooming and maintaining his coat is hard work, he gets tangles and picks up all sorts of debris. After today he’s back on form looking and smelling gorgeous, I would fully recommend this doggy parlour they know their dogs natural state and well being

D. Laing - Crosby

Saint Rocco groomed our cockapoo puppy Pixie and the love, care and attention they gave her was second to none. The knowledge of different breeds is extensive and they listened to what we wanted.

David S, Crosby

Awesome selection of doggie fashion and accessories, could have spent a fortune! Super impressed to learn I can book him in for a pamper and pay a small fee on top for my dog to stay for a few extra hours, which I will DEFINITELY be taking advantage of in the future!! Fantastic job, fantastic service.

Victoria Davies

New to the area and brought Tilly our Cavalier King Charles for a full groom she looked great and was not moody at all after. Very impressed and will definitely be taking her here regularly. Thank you St Rocco.

R. Font, Crosby

Took my boy Sebastian in for a long overdue pamper today and he really received the 5 star treatment!! After a very thorough consultation we decided on a bit of a restyle. Seb is a little on the nervous side so I was a bit anxious leaving him but I needn’t have been…2 hours later I came back to a tremendously playful pooch excited to show off his new do! Treated him to a fabulous bib & Tucker neckerchief and a new harness and lead…


V Davies

Being a Apricot Cavapoo who loves rolling in the mud, getting dirty and doesn’t like having a brush much. He came home looking like a little Prince, a perfect cut and smelling gorgeous too highly recommended

Sharron Cunliffe, Orrell

They kept her cute ‘individual’ look, but made her look, feel and smell wonderful! Most importantly, she enjoyed it! She’s been groomed in the past and not enjoyed it at all, they clearly knew how to work with her. We will return. Thank you

Heather. D, Aigburth

Absolutely brilliant highly recommended………care and attention with our Border Terriers was fantastic. They were both hand stripped, looking and feeling amazing after their session.

P. Jeffrey, Stapleford

Our Cockapoo Buddy, loves its here !! Nothing is too much trouble and they really seem to like having him in there. The thing I like the most is the products used on our dog and on sale are top quality.

J. Hartley, Crosby
J. Traynor, Crosby

Was impressed I managed to get my Cookie in for a last minute groom. She looked and smelt amazing after, thanks!

Shirley Caddick

Fabulous! Hand stripped and soooo soft! Our gorgeous scruffy old Honey (cross breed) loved her experience.

P. Dickinson, Aigburth

The flexibility and amazing welcome and understanding of our dog will be the reason why we will visit him for all of our dog’s pampering needs time and time again!

Thank you so much

J. Sutton, Crosby

Saint Rocco were professional & friendly. Ringo loved the experience and came out looking like a new and younger dog!


J. Capel

So soft and clean, the groom was brilliant. I will be coming back to Saint Rocco.

Jon. C, Blurton